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Ben.. Ben Dover.

13 April 1985
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a perfect circle, addiction, aesop rock, alanis morissette, alex/olivia, alexandra cabot, ali larter, american history x, anchorman, angelina jolie, anything black, atmosphere, bach, band-aids, beethoven, being naked, boobs, boston red sox, bubble wrap, buffy, buffy the vampire slayer, buffy/faith, but i'm a cheerleader, chasing shadows, chopin, coldplay, coyote ugly, crude humor, dancing, def leppard, deftones, drug history, duct tape, eli cash, eliza dushku, elvis crespo, emily browning, evanescence, eye contact, eyedea & abilities, faith, fear factory, fiona apple, flirting, garbage, genocide, geography, gia, girl interrupted, girls, graphics, gwen stefani, hannah aitchison, heroes, history, hole, hot showers, immature humor, imogen heap, incubus, insanity, jack johnson, jay and silent bob, jim carrey, kat von d, kate beckinsale, kim saigh, kissing, la ink, lame stuff, laughing, law & order svu, layouts, led zeppelin, little animals, living legends, lord of the rings, maria hurdle, mariska hargitay, match point, matches, megan mullally, milla jovovich, mindshapefist, morrissey, moulin rouge, murs, muse, no doubt, nurses, o.a.r., old school, olivia benson, orbital, p.o.s., photo manipulation, photoshop, piercings, pixie acia, playing with hands, queens of stone age, radiohead, resident evil, sage francis, sarah mclachlan, sarah michelle gellar, saturday night live, scarlett johansson, screen caps, series of unfortunate events, shakira, sharp things, sharpies, skinny dipping, skipping, slash, slug, snl, social distortion, springs, stephanie march, stewart copeland, stone temple pilots, sweet tarts, tattoos, tenacious d, tequila, textures, the clash, the cure, the dissociatives, the killing fields, the mars volta, the rolling stones, the smiths, tom petty, tool, tori amos, trainspotting, traveling, tru calling, underworld, vampires, velvet revolver, will & grace, will ferrell, willow, wrist bands, writing, your mom